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Barry Rudolph, Recording Engineering/Production Services
Recording engineer Barry Rudolph displays his vast career and history by way of a comprehensive discography and dozens of in-studio stories about all the famous people he has recorded. There are also many useful technical tables and information for the beginner and expert recording engineer. There are also archives of Rudolphs magazine pieces written over the last fifteen years concerning new recording technology and musical instruments

Cello sheet music - Cello strings - Cello stands - Cello accessories -
Everything Cello is your one stop source for cello sheet music, cello strings, cello accessories, cello reference material.

Get A Taste of the Bluez ! ... CD preview
Get A Taste of the Bluez ! ... CD preview

Music production companies, music promotion, online music stores,
music production companies, music promotion, online music stores, mobile advertising, creative advertising, local bands, band promotions, live music, cd advertising, advertising cd stands, play music an on-line music site promoting independent artists with a new groove music sound of cross over Reggae Pop with a Latin feel. Also features the Groove Music Cd along with single downloads for purchase.

Tom Smith Big Band: Swing Music and Sinatra
Tom Smith...the Sinatra singer...sounds eerily like the original (Bryan Miller/New York Times/6/19/94) NY big band, small bands, swing music

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